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    Can be considered the personal experiences of ammunition to upgrade the capabilities of the individual himself and others who have the opportunity to take advan***e of them, and there are many who have some skills to build on the study of specialized scientific or hobby and the tendency of self can gain experience, and may reach a degree considered a reference utilized in this area 0 is true that can not be dispensed for books to receive and exercise any new experience, but keeps the item with the greatest importance are those practitioners have applied or specialized scientific, and hence the attempt to take advan***e of the human elements in the process of receiving the experience and skills is inevitable about it, but may reach as to the necessity and benefit from mandatory .. 

    Conveyed this long introduction to talk about the benefits of the computer that emerged sun during recent years, and the cliff of his movement of millions of people all over the world, which is without doubt a magician - so to speak - is subject of temptations and attractive to its users what it can not find in other sources of knowledge or sources of expertise and skill 0 managed "computer" to take the minds of many of the concerns was the controlled, and managed in a short period to re-drafting of the minds in a manner different to what it was, as it gave her new opportunities to invest their personal, and can say that this device is strange able to develop many of its users on a new road in their personal lives and the process and highlights the crowds of artists and reveals the skills were not in the calculus owners, and not unlikely that one day change the features of entire communities as a result of its spread as a means of learning and a source of information 0 

    Of a series of benefits that can not be denied this device to broadcast the spirit of "seriousness" and "perseverance" to reach better results in the style of work for the individual user has, which no doubt contributes very effectively in the organization of personal or official, and out in the form of a beautiful and attractive and clear 0 

    Like any human endeavor, the use of the computer is not devoid of drawbacks that may affect the personal user, and talk of the media and scientific studies on the negatives such as the spread gloom among many users, and feel mostly back pain and muscle tension, especially neck muscles and others, which leads the individual in many cases to isolation from society and withdraw it, but these cases may be the result of the principle of personal problems unrelated to the computer, but patients are found when a friend and capture by fleeing to it even from themselves 0 

    Despite those negatives, the personal experience with the computer make me call on all intellectuals and educated people need to engage in this world full of experiences and skills that are indispensable in this day and age, and if he does not the individual to take advan***e of the opportunities available to him today, it would pay a lot to catching up tomorrow, and perhaps more individuals who increasingly need to "computer" are individuals working in the field of education from kindergarten through graduate studies, who does not believe Vlijrb, and notes from around the users of the computer and others who did not go after in this world 0 

    The era of computer piracy 

    Union announced BSA in the Middle East (BSA) announced a new plan for the development efforts in the coming months to control the phenomenon of cloning illegal programs in the markets of the region, and expect the Union a significant reduction in piracy, especially in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, "published this news with further details in the magazine "The Economics of the Arab market seventh issue of August 1997 e, a news carries between delimited marks painful what is happening in the Arab region of piracy, but must stand a long time to express their point of view to perhaps help in solving this problem that now haunts the global computer companies and Local Development 0 

    Details of the news that the largest percen***e losses of the computer companies were in the kingdom, where at about 25% of the total losses in the Arab world, followed in the order in Egypt as the Ksairhawwali 14% of the total, it is true that these losses to Aerdaha one and did not have the lowest relationship with the world of computer It is a moral issue before everything and are not characteristic of the Arab Muslim community, and despite a number of fatwas legitimacy and official warnings, the piracy continues and in many ways, of course, the efforts of control will continue on its way to perhaps succeed in its difficult task 00! 

    I do not know you might be thinking of this problem the other hand, non-interest moral and financial companies with the relationship, the individual in Arab society, like any other person living in the parts of the world has the right to own another, as reached by the information technology, and is entitled to take advan***e of its vast potential and massive that it provides to its users , but standing in front of his ambitions and desires of many obstacles the most important price exaggerated the original software in addition to the price of the equipment itself is not within the reach of many of the sons of the Arab world and Arab citizens in front of his own ambition and keen desire to develop their abilities and achieve their dreams information may Aeetmkn access to the lowest level in providing what they need from the equipment or software as long as their prices are exorbitant and exaggerated 00! This issue is not new has been discussed on more than one printed and meet, and all the parties were - almost - stand by the companies in the face of Arab citizens, idly, she did not think any party in the protection of their rights as human beings live in a world of advanced technology in the era of explosion of information, has not shown any a desire to help him achieve his hopes high indeed, and ambitious to develop himself and his society, as if these actors are not interested in this citizen from near or far, but all you want to do to prove their worth in protecting the rights of foreign companies, which suck the blood of the poor in many ways, and are these actors role of advocate for the rights of companies and protect them from manipulation of the Arab citizen of 0 

    And the right must be said that, as the companies production rights, innovation and must be protected from the hands of abusers, the the Arab citizen - like any human being - rights of access of products of modern civilization, and aspirations to be achieved in a manner era, and perhaps the simplest solution to this issue that the official bodies and civil and commercial initiative - humanitarian - to mitigate the rising prices and the reduction of corporate greed produced and distributed by pressing them to reduce the rate of profit, then has to be the local institutions for the production of programs needed by the Arab citizens and sell it at prices commensurate with the level of income and living in the countries of the region in general 0 

    Perhaps this proposal be a step among the steps that can limit and stop the process of piracy that is reeling from companies, and groaning of the Arab citizen of the prohibitive prices of hardware and software, at the same time it will be futile for any point of continuity in the process of piracy as availability is expected to occur in the process of selling the hardware and programs 0 The mitigation process for the individual ambition to develop himself and society must be obsessed with each institution or individuals involved in the decision-making in the Arab world can not just Bmasol speech to achieve this goal, but we must do the efforts of intensive, practical and realistic to gain access to the results of fruitful benefic
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