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    Student book p.10


    عمر محمد القحطاني
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    Student book p.10

    مُساهمة من طرف عمر محمد القحطاني في السبت 06 فبراير 2016, 2:45 pm

    Hi my name is omar im 15 years old i like sports.

    so ( during ) my free time i like to watch realmadrid Goals , Highlights , TBT"s

    I like to go out with frindes ( from ) 6:00PM ( until ) 9:00Pm

    Also .. Back then ( before ) i loved Realmaadrid i use to love Inter Milan but that was a while ( ago ) !l

    But ( After ) that ive seen Realmadrid play and i saw the staduim and the fans and the players and all of that
    IMMEDIATELY i Loved it and adore it and i wil always be a madridista.


    Hope That was enough Teacher a7med .. Take Care

    Fouad R Al Qarrash
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    عضو نشط

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